Monday, March 9, 2009

Mommy Monday Review - Big Bubble Bucket by Little Kids

Welcome to the first installment of Mommy Mondays on my blog. On Mondays, I will review toys, games, and other things that I have recently purchased for my daughter or other children. These may be handmade items or items you buy in a regular store.

Today's item is the No Spill Big Bubble Bucket by Little Kids. I bought this for my 21 month old daughter last week since it is getting warmer outside. When it's warm, we like to go outside and blow bubbles. She is now at the "independent age" where it's no longer entertaining to watch Mommy blow the bubbles and try to catch them, she simply MUST try to blow them herself. So, I purchased this bucket and some bubble liquid.

Thise bucket has 3 bubble wands. These wands have big handles that little hands can hold onto easily. My daughter can even fit them back in the slots, on the top of the bucket, to dip them back into the bubble liquid.

This bucket is a fantastic thing for little ones. It's easy to fill by the parents (simply unscrew the bottom) and easy to use for little hands. I highly recommend this. You can find this bucket at Target stores (although I couldn't find it on their website), or by clicking on the link above to see what stores near you sell it.

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