Thursday, June 26, 2008



This week's featured artist is: AndreaBaker

What is your name?
Andrea Baker

What all do you make & what is your specialty?
I make one of a kind Handbags, craft aprons, and business card cozies. My specialty is the Business Card Cozy.

How did you get into what you do?
I got into sewing as a business because I love making things. So it just happened that some one suggested I sell them.

What item in your shop is your favorite, and why?
I have to say I'm really loving my craft aprons. I think any etsy seller would benefit from having one, plus they can be customized to fit the sellers style. My craft aprons are also good for cooking, cleaning, anything really.

What are your goals in creating your items?
My goal when I create an item is to create the best item I can for my customers.

Anything else you would like people to know about you or your items?
I'm a work at home mom of two beautiful children. I am married to a very supportive husband. I'd like to thank EB Spider for selecting me to be featured on her blog. Thank you so much.

Unorganized Team

So I joined a new team on the Etsy website. I am so frustrated by it too.

So I sign up for their "website" page. And then I realize what a mess it all is. There are not many members as of right now, but if it does start to kick off, it is going to be an even bigger mess.

My complaints so far:
  • The forum on this website does not have sections, so every post is just thrown together in one big blob.
  • I posted a question on the forum FIVE days ago, and it has yet to be answered.
  • I sent a message to the team leader, asking the same question, and she still has not answered.
  • There was supposed to be a team meeting in chat, and we were supposed to be emailed the password for the room. Well, we never got an email (and there is not excuse for this, IMO. Send us the password early for crap's sake.) And the team leader ended up not starting the chat, which I can understand if things come up, but I still don't get the password thing.
  • I have yet to find out what we need to put on our item tags to let them show up in team searches.

I am ultra frustrated right now and I'm seriously thinking about leaving the team. If you're going to start a freakin' team, be organized or get someone to help you get that way. Gah I could SCREAM right now!

Thursday, June 19, 2008



This week's featured artist is: SoapyLove

What all do you make & what is your specialty?
*I make glycerin soaps of all kinds, but my specialty is definitely Soapsicles!

How did you get into what you do?
*I started soap crafting over 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I got totally obsessed and had way too many soaps! So I started selling online, which was really all I could do since I worked full time. I had the good fortune of being the first glycerin soap crafter chosen as an Etsy featured artist and was a guest on DIY's Craft Lab. Right now I am also writing a soap crafting book which will be published next year.

What item in your shop is your favorite, and why? (Please provide a link)
*My favorite Soapsicle is the Peace, Love, and Soapiness because the colors are so pretty! I think that popsicles and rainbows go hand in hand.

What are your goals in creating your items?
*I want my designs to be creative, innovative, unique, and most of all - bring a smile to your face!

Anything else you would like people to know about you or your items?
*Yes! Soapylove Soapsicles are great for children. Many people are concerned that kids will try to eat the soaps, but I assure them that one lick will prevent them from trying again! Plus the stick is a great non-slip handle for little ones who get frustrated by slippery bars. I will be announcing some new styles and a new soap dish very soon, so sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know.

You can sign up for the newsletter on her website.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008



My newest obsession is earrings. I have been making earrings from things I already have in my stash. These are just a few of the ideas I have. There are definitely more to come. Check out my shop: E.B.Spider for these and other creations.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008



This week's featured artist is: BubblesandMimi

What all do you make & what is your specialty? I love to create items and gifts especially for baby's and Toddlers.From blankets and Burpies to Chic clothing for your little one.

How did you get into crafts?My sister in law taught me how to sew when I was 15 and I will forever be greatful for that gift. Being a military spouse it is nice to have something I enjoy to do to pass the time away from family. Its just a bonus that I know how to make clothes for my little one.

What item in your shop is your favorite, and why? This peasant dress if my favorite ( at least for now)The fit is very flattering for petite or large children and the belt can double as a headband.

What is your goal in making your items? I create things for moms and kids that I would use for my own child. Everything is tested and pre washed to make sure that it lasts!With so many toys and baby items on the market being recalled. My goal was to make something SAFE for children and why not make it fun stylish and functional?

Anything else you would like people to know about you or your items? My daughter is my greatest joy and I am so happy I have been able to spend the last 2 years at home with her. Making things for your baby allows me to stay home with mine.

You can visit her shop here:


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