Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shopping for the Business

After tons of searching, I have finally found something easy to make that will make a good freebie to give away as a promo. I found these little wooden shapes that I'm embellishing with paint markers. I plan to put them on pinbacks and cliping them to business cards. Some of them are even spiders!

I also bought some pink tissue paper to wrap future purchases in. I know, not all women like pink, but like it or not, it's the colors of my shop right now. It's also the color of my business cards.

Finally, I bought a black mess trash can that I plan to turn upside down to use as an earring display for a future craft show. I got the tip from a blog or a forum thread, I can't remember which.

I still need to get some things:
  • Cardstock to make item tags
  • Spider Stamp for item tags

I would blog more tonight, but after all that shopping and then going to dinner with hubby and a very sleepy/ill-tempered baby, I am exhausted. I need some sleep! ZZzzZzzzzZZzz

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